Five Nights At Freddy's. - Охранник

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Исполнитель: Five Nights At Freddy's.

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Название песни: Охранник

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Текст песни:

Guardian Angel

In your eyes I see you've been broken
And you shadow it hides from the sun
As a picture with words left unspoken
Are you wondering who you are

[bridge]Do you ever think there's someone out
There looking over you
Watching everything you do
Looking after you

Would you believe that I could be your guardian angel
Do you believe that this is true
If you say yes I 'll fall and I will be able
So look at anyone so true I love you

Your thoughts get lost in the ocean
And your prides as strong as the sea
Your heart is blocked by a raincloud
Only thunder and rain can be seen



Say the words and I will be there
Hold my hand 'cause I'm scared
You believe that world can be srange
Please take away my pain



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